Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Introducing My Pet Street

Since my very first post in March '07, today's blog entry is one I've been looking forward to writing. It introduces My Pet Street, an environment that provides support, resources, and services for busy people, like you and me, with pets.

My Pet Street started as an idea when I was working as a Vice President for a Fortune 500 company. With a busy travel schedule, I often wondered how I would get everything done before rushing off and catching yet another plane. Would there be time to walk the dog? Who would make sure the cats got their medications?

I knew there were services in my neighborhood that could help me, but there was never enough time to be out-and-about talking with other pet owners to glean this important information -- trusted information -- which is still largely communicated by word-of-mouth.

I dreamed about a solution of putting a business together that could provide community-based, quality, trusted information. Busy people with pets know that this reliable information is essential when addressing the needs of these special members of the family.

Today, the launch of My Pet Street is the realization of that initial dream.

Some key features of My Pet Street include:
  • Pet News -- selected news, pictures, and videos that are the “best of the best” available on the Web.
  • My Pet Needs -- local and locally-rated service providers. Take some time to rate your favorite providers. If they are not listed, let us know and we can add them.
  • Pets 411 -- quickly accessed and efficiently organized expert opinions, pet owner insights, and question/answer forums giving you the best information available for your pet. Don't be shy about sharing your insights on your favorite pet!
  • PetALERTZ -- a tag that reunites lost pets with their people by matching pet identity to an on-line, community-based database. This program saves lost pets from trauma at unfamiliar facilities where microchip information can be read. It takes only a minute to register for PetALERTZ, and the tag is cool! (Chocolate is modeling it here.)
It is my sincere wish that you find tremendous value at My Pet Street. I invite you to visit the site, become a community member, and share your experiences and ideas. As a community, we will build the best overall portal for our furred, feathered, and scaled family members.

My blog will continue at My Pet Street. I'm looking forward to seeing you in the neighborhood...



marilyn said...

Hi Connie,
My name is Marilyn and I'm Gracie's pet human. I discovered my cat Gracie on your website by accident. Someone told me her story that I submitted to the Mercury was on the internet. When I googled the search your website was there. So far the furrier one has not had any offers for modeling or cat food commercials. I'm most anxious to get that lazy slacker off my new recliner and out making a living and supporting me for a while.

I just wanted to let you know that I love your website and created a page for myself and Gracie. How did you find Gracie?

Please email me at marilyn385@yahoo.com Thank

Connie Weiss said...

Hi Marilyn,

It was a joy to post your story - it can be found at http://mypetstreet.com/content/unexpected-gift
for those who want to read it and see the wonderful joy of adopting a rescue pet.